12 Easy Ways To Build Relationships (Not SELL)

It’s not selling anymore, it’s relationship building.


How do we build relationships with the cutie that walks his/her dog every morning and passes by your house, or the new person in class, or the Mom that wants to schedule a play date but you don’t know her very well?

The first thing we do is talk to them, listen, laugh, ask questions, offer input etc etc. And THEN what do we do?


When we hate something, it’s typically when we can’t picture being successful doing it. I am someone who hates sales but happens to be good at it. Fear of rejection is a salesperson’s biggest obstacle in most cases.

These tips will minimize your fear of rejection and offer you other options to make the sale.


1. Register your online business as a Google Business. (it’s free) This helps local traffic for those seeking the services/products you provide.

2. Recruiting is like playing the lottery and being in control of your odds of winning. Exchange business cards with others and add their email addresses to your database. Giving your card to 3 people a day doesn’t cost a thing.

3. Advertise silently with pins, tees, car decals, scarves, or any other customized product and have extra tees for your friends and family to wear.


When you let people come to you, it helps increase your confidence in selling. The other day, I was flagged down in the gas station parking lot because someone saw my car decal and wanted a business card .

4. Share everything equally across all of your social media networks.

This is the easiest thing for people who hate selling. When I see my friends sharing their own interesting thoughts, opinions, reviews, or funny info on social media, I always think to myself…..this person needs their own website. If you ask me, EVERYONE  should have their own website really.  You don’t share your business across social networks for likes and comments (although engagement definitely helps). The online marketing presence is REALLY the goal. It doesn’t matter that no one likes your Facebook post. Google sees it, and that’s enough in the beginning.

5. Don’t solicit your friends and family after they aren’t interested the first time. It’s the worst way to be rejected because it can translate into “my family and friends don’t care about my success.” No matter what, DO NOT GIVE UP. When your family and friends get a whiff of your small successes, they will begin asking questions and being one of your biggest supporters.

6. Ask for reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

If you’re giving your card to 3 people a day, you WILL get sales.  Make good use of the people who work with you, buy from you, and invest in you. Offer them a discount for leaving you a review. Facebook, Yellow Pages, and Google are my suggestions for acquiring great reviews.


Extra Tips for People Who Hate Selling

7. Email

It’s so important to exchange emails with people you speak to. Think about the amount of emails sitting in your folder now. Make email getting your priority.

8. Follow Up

Following up with people is always going to be a rejection the first few times. Read about the new Rule of 7 Marketing to learn more.

9. Smile

A smile instantly wipes away your marketing pitch. When you smile genuinely at others, it invites them into your world without you having to say much at all.

10. Give Gifts

Think of the simplest pleasures that most of us enjoy, that are the least expensive. Give those gifts to your clients. For your brick and mortar businesses, drop off a $2 dozen donuts with a card of appreciation. For your individual clients, mail a card with a coupon code in it to shop your e store.

11. Tag People

Tag people on your social media pages. Tag people in posts and recognize them. Tell the world you appreciate them.



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