How To Sell Avon Successfully (No Excuses)


We all have great excuses but here is how to sell Avon online successfully by overcoming those excuses.

I don’t have time.

Time is precious. And when you’re a parent or student, there’s not enough hours in the day. Let me give you some reasons why this won’t matter when you sell Avon online.

  • Avon has a social media app that posts your estore content, selfies, order photos, personal buys, inspirational quotes, and more. It takes about 5 minutes a week to set it up and tadow. Your posts for the week are done. What makes it even nicer is that ALL of the content (minus the selfies) are already within the app. You choose your style and what you want your customers to see. It’s really that easy to sell Avon online only with these kind of tools.
  • You choose the time you want to spend. If it’s a busy week, then you don’t take any orders. Just put your personal Avon order in. As long as you are at least placing your own personal orders (makeup, skincare, etc) you’ll earn commission.
  • Avon also offers a lead generation service. If you sign up a sister or best friend to gain access to leadership perks, it’s worth it!

I have to talk to my husband about it.

  • Tell him you’ll be spending 60%-80% less money on the household things you normally buy. Soaps, lotions, kids bath wash, shampoo, and your makeup and skincare. He’ll say yes.

I’m shy and don’t like “selling”.

  • This is my favorite because I started out the same way when I first started selling Avon. But I realized something that you will too. Everything that Avon carries, people already buy! Think about your friends and how many times they make trips to Sephora, Ulta, or buy beauty products online. If you use your samples (they’re so cheap too) you won’t have to “sell” anything at all. Ship out your samples, and let the quality of Avon do the rest. In time, you’ll fall in love like the rest of us and the conversation won’t feel like “selling” Avon anymore. It honestly turns into girl chat. 

I don’t like being in the spotlight.

  • Often times being shy also comes with a fear of being viewed by others. I know because I’d much rather be helping and supporting from the rear. The beauty of this Avon business is that the product sells itself. By using your Avon tools, you’ll gain confidence in so many areas of your life. You can speak with any Avon Representative and we will all tell you the same. There’s something about being the facilitator of your own business that’s a feeling like none other. Avon offers tuition reimbursement. general contractor insurance, and the tools to become a Certified Anew Skin Care Expert. All of these perks become available to you after you begin an Avon business. (For a limited time only, you can start today for $10!)

I’m afraid of failing.

  • I’m not going to sugarcoat this one. Your Avon business will take work. You can start out using your business to buy all the things you need at a discount and just enjoy the quality of Avon products.  If you choose to go into leadership/mentorship, the work begins. There are a few easy things to do that require minimal time to get your business started. Read more here for how to sell Avon online successfully. .

I thought Avon was for older people?

  • New Avon LLC, is a next generation of Avon customers AND leaders! Avon is a 130+ year old company so naturally we have some older loyal customers. But this is NEW AVON, the Next Generation of young, vibrant leaders both men and women! Join now to become part of Avon’s #NEXTGENAVON! 

Sell Avon online successfully today and start for only $25 and receive over $300 in products. This low business startup comes with a lifetime website and estore, brochures, full size samples and products, access to free certification programs, tuition reimbursement, general contractor health insurance for you and your family, access to a large network of customers and other Avon Representatives sharing tips for success and Avon’s lead management system that automates new customer leads for you! 






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