Become an Avon Rep How Much is Avon Commission?

Many of you have asked me how much is Avon commission. There are 2 ways you can use the Avon commission to earn money selling Avon. Based on what your goals are with selling Avon successfully, let’s discuss the Avon Commission structure.


1st Level Avon Leader – Contender 20-50% OFF

2nd Level Avon Leader – Promoter 30-50% OFF

3rd Level Avon Leader – Star Promoter 30-60% OFF

4th Level Avon Leader – Bronze Ambassador 40-80% OFF

At the Contender Level your commission is as follows for ordering all of Avon’s Demos. CF5249E2-CC79-42C3-8D97-B3374C92494F.jpeg

An order you place for demos that is $100 will be reduced to $60 (excluding tax & shipping) for a total earnings of $40.

All other product orders at the Contender Level will be as follows:


Using AVON’s KickStart program, you can easily earn $1000 in your first 90 days for aggressive sellers. Since I like to be realistic and I prefer that you know exactly what you’ll earn as an Avon Representative. I would consider these Avon Reps those who have a YouTube channel, beauty bloggers, stay at home moms, military spouses, makeup artists, active social media users, lifestyle bloggers, makeup bloggers, those who work in a large office or those in contact with many people on a daily basis.


Aggressive Avon Reps don’t have to “sell” Avon necessarily, you only have to know how to market your estore online to grow your Avon email database. Avon takes care of the rest by automating emails to your email subscribers. These emails all link back to your estore where your clients, friends, family, and co-workers can shop with you.


I sat down one day at the computer and typed out my story of how I decided to sell Avon or rather how I decided to sell anything when I hated selling. Ever wonder how people who are in sales seems to stay in sales for the rest of their lives? I can see how it’s addicting. Read more Avon story here.



If you’re already part of our Avon family as an Avon e-representative, here are some ways you can get more Avon customers online and get your business going in the right direction or get back to working your Avon business if you’ve put it to the side.


In my Avon story, I speak about having a job with a company that caused me to fall in love with something that Avon Reps do in order to be successful selling Avon.


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