How To Sell Avon Successfully (No Excuses)


We all have great excuses but here is how to sell Avon online successfully by overcoming those excuses.

I don’t have time.

Time is precious. And when you’re a parent or student, there’s not enough hours in the day. Let me give you some reasons why this won’t matter when you sell Avon online.

  • Avon has a social media app that posts your estore content, selfies, order photos, personal buys, inspirational quotes, and more. It takes about 5 minutes a week to set it up and tadow. Your posts for the week are done. What makes it even nicer is that ALL of the content (minus the selfies) are already within the app. You choose your style and what you want your customers to see. It’s really that easy to sell Avon online only with these kind of tools.
  • You choose the time you want to spend. If it’s a busy week, then you don’t take any orders. Just put your personal Avon order in. As long as you are at least placing your own personal orders (makeup, skincare, etc) you’ll earn commission.
  • Avon also offers a lead generation service. If you sign up a sister or best friend to gain access to leadership perks, it’s worth it!

I have to talk to my husband about it.

  • Tell him you’ll be spending 60%-80% less money on the household things you normally buy. Soaps, lotions, kids bath wash, shampoo, and your makeup and skincare. He’ll say yes.

I’m shy and don’t like “selling”.

  • This is my favorite because I started out the same way when I first started selling Avon. But I realized something that you will too. Everything that Avon carries, people already buy! Think about your friends and how many times they make trips to Sephora, Ulta, or buy beauty products online. If you use your samples (they’re so cheap too) you won’t have to “sell” anything at all. Ship out your samples, and let the quality of Avon do the rest. In time, you’ll fall in love like the rest of us and the conversation won’t feel like “selling” Avon anymore. It honestly turns into girl chat. 

I don’t like being in the spotlight.

  • Often times being shy also comes with a fear of being viewed by others. I know because I’d much rather be helping and supporting from the rear. The beauty of this Avon business is that the product sells itself. By using your Avon tools, you’ll gain confidence in so many areas of your life. You can speak with any Avon Representative and we will all tell you the same. There’s something about being the facilitator of your own business that’s a feeling like none other. Avon offers tuition reimbursement. general contractor insurance, and the tools to become a Certified Anew Skin Care Expert. All of these perks become available to you after you begin an Avon business. (For a limited time only, you can start today for $10!)

I’m afraid of failing.

  • I’m not going to sugarcoat this one. Your Avon business will take work. You can start out using your business to buy all the things you need at a discount and just enjoy the quality of Avon products.  If you choose to go into leadership/mentorship, the work begins. There are a few easy things to do that require minimal time to get your business started. Read more here for how to sell Avon online successfully. .

I thought Avon was for older people?

  • New Avon LLC, is a next generation of Avon customers AND leaders! Avon is a 130+ year old company so naturally we have some older loyal customers. But this is NEW AVON, the Next Generation of young, vibrant leaders both men and women! Join now to become part of Avon’s #NEXTGENAVON! 

Sell Avon online successfully today and start for only $25 and receive over $300 in products. This low business startup comes with a lifetime website and estore, brochures, full size samples and products, access to free certification programs, tuition reimbursement, general contractor health insurance for you and your family, access to a large network of customers and other Avon Representatives sharing tips for success and Avon’s lead management system that automates new customer leads for you! 






How To Stand Out From Millions of Avon Reps?

Being an Avon Brand Ambassador 


Avon is one of the leading direct sales beauty companies in the world. Not only are there a wide variety of cosmetic products to choose from, but also wellness products, home decoration items, accessories, and jewelry. It is great to be able to offer a wide range of products, but being an Avon sales representative can be as easy or productive as you make it. How can an average Avon brand ambassador stand apart from the others? Do you have what it takes to become a successful Avon sales representative?

This article explores what it takes to stand out from millions of Avon representatives.


Avon continues to be an all-time company of choice for women when it comes to generating excellent leaders and creating incredible wealth. This is an outstanding achievement for the cosmetic giant, however just like most business opportunities nowadays, it is hard for representatives to market efficiently due to the lack of proper training, coaching, and confidence. If you are struggling as an Avon ambassador, then read on!

Following are some obstacles that lead to failure. They should be avoided.

  • Your warm list (the people who know you and trust you) is too small.
  • Using yellow pages to cold call people.
  • Trying to convince someone to join your business who clearly has a different mindset.
  • Using multiple strategies and distracting yourself because you have not mastered even one of them.
  • Pitching your business opportunity, people want to be educated not sold.
  • Treating this as a hobby and not a business.


One of the primary things that separates an average Avon representative from a successful one is the education in the different areas involved in the industry. In order to educate yourself, it is recommended that you learn from those who are in the top 5% in this industry and utilize the tools that Avon provides. Think as the successful Avon representatives do and you will be successful. Network, lead, and learn on a regular basis and of course, eliminate the above mentioned obstacles and become an attractive marketer rather than a money-hungry sales representative.


Following are some ideas that will have prospects calling you off the hook in order to do business with you:

  • Take advantage of the Internet and get your business online.
  • Don’t brand your business opportunity, brand yourself.
  • Focus on those who have faith in the network marketing business model but are struggling and need help.
  • Don’t try to master all the marketing strategies at once. Master one and generate at least ten leads consistently from that strategy. Then master another strategy and so on.
  • Don’t wait for a lead to call you; pick up the phone and have a relationship building, fact finding conversation with them.
  • Lead with value – people will come to like and trust you.

Once you build that relationship with your prospect, they will want to do business with you and trust your recruiting success tips as a successful Avon representative. Always remember that people don’t join network marketing companies, they join people. Learning to brand you first instead of your company opportunity will help you stand out from other representatives and pave the way for you to become a successful Avon brand ambassador. Start your journey here.

Get ready to embark on a journey where you’ll learn more about yourself than you ever knew!

The Best Avon Reps & How To Spot Em


Naturally we immediately think the best Avon representatives make the most money. To some extent, this is true. Sales leaders like Lisa Wilber have left a strong mark on the industry by way of sales. Marketing and sales in the Avon scheme of things  have changed immensely since successful Avon reps like Lisa started. The door is now open for up and coming Avon Brand Ambassador’s to re-brand the NEW AVON. What makes these Avon representatives different or stand out from the rest? Let’s talk about it.

How do I choose the best Avon Representative to sign up with? 

If you’re looking to start your Avon business, and want to make sure you choose someone who will help you and not pressure you, look for these common practices of best Avon representatives. I don’t check all of these boxes which is why I can stand by this checklist. Some of the very best Avon reps wear at least 2 staples from the Avon product line and place orders every campaign (accessories, skincare, makeup, fashion, etc).

I don’t have time to go dropping off brochures all the time. Can I make money selling Avon without doing that?

Yep. I tried very hard not to start this sentence with a “but”….but you’ll find that when you brand your business the way you choose to, people are going to ask you for a brochure. You can choose to see that as a negative or you can grab one from your trunk and keep it moving.  You won’t have to always make periodic trips to drop off brochures but starting off, you may mail some to friends and family.

My district Avon mentor enjoys events & meeting with people in person to both sell and talk about the Avon brand opportunity. Other Avon reps find more success with coaching and online sales. And still other Avon reps focus on building their team and email database and the sales will come. (That’s more my lane.)

Don’t be a boring Avon Representative….share your life. 

There is one factor about being an Avon brand ambassador that I love – you can tailor your business around your personality. The days of blasting about when orders are due are long OVER. If you choose to blog about your love for the makeup, or your life as a Mom, or maybe you’re a natural gal and want to highlight the skincare or body creams – it’s all up to you. On any level, branding and putting your brand on a pedestal is 80% personal and 20% marketing. Sharing more than just your passion for Avon is what will distinguish you uniquely from others.

The Best Avon Representatives can be found nationwide marketing their business now on Instagram and in Youtube videos. Many Avon representatives have multiple talents including Special Effects makeup, photography, fashion design, fashion styling, writers, artists, work from home parents, etsy shop owners, and a multitude of leaders from various backgrounds.

 Finding the best Avon Representative is looking in the mirror.