Welcome to my Avon page!

(well this is one of a few that I have)

If you love makeup and skincare and you’re somewhat tech savvy, this next message is for you. If you’re just a casual shopper and don’t enjoy writing online or working from your phone, you can shop my AVON estore here ♥

What I’m about to say for the remainder of my readers may shock you but this is why I would rather you NOT buy from my Avon store and Become An Avon Representative instead. 

Nicole Mae - Gorgeous Avon Reps Founder

I’m so glad you took the time out to contact me. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to become an Avon Representative, the number one reason you have nothing to lose is that you’ll never have to worry about anyone pressuring you to run your business.

If you need help, sure, Avon leaders will be there for you but our company is so huge that most questions can be answered just be posting in a Facebook group. Avon Reps are extremely helpful!

You truly can run your business exactly the way you want.

If you also choose to remain anonymous, you can do so as well. Many Avon reps do not have their names posted anywhere online for that purpose. It really makes so much sense when you think about things like this:

An Avon Mascara costs roughly $5-7

An Avon Foundation costs roughly $9-12

An Avon eyeshadow quad costs roughly $4-6

An Avon moisturizer costs roughly $10-50



You could spend about $40 shopping my estore, and fall in love with Avon the way I have. Don’t get me wrong, I would truly appreciate that type of support for my business!


I wanted to become an Avon Representative to SAVE money, not spend more of it. I’m just an honest Mom trying to extend an opportunity for savings to everyone I know who loves makeup and skincare and who can’t always afford to buy their high end favorites.

An AVON Starter Kit costs much less and comes with the same items your original purchase would have included PLUS over $300 more in Avon full size and sample products.

By simply signing up to sell Avon online, the cost is a one-time $25 Representative fee.

To request free Avon samples, or just try a little bit of my favorite products, fill out the form below and I’ll send an email to confirm your request.


One thought on “CONTACT ME

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