Gorgeous Avon Reps- Britny in Puyallup, Washington

Gorgeous Avon Reps of Instagram – BRITNY WHITNEY

My name is Britny Whitney I have been an Avon rep for 2 years. I joined 6 months after having my son, the fact that it was only $25 to join made it less of a scary investment. Since joining I was able to really find my voice something that was for me and made me feel beautiful. During my two years I have grown a team and been inspired by the woman I have come to know. Life is busy and hectic as a Mom of 3, this job is at my own pace which is something I need right now. Avon products are awesome and don’t break the bank without having to compromise quality. I have made it my mission to do my Avon business different that others I have seen, by using social media. There is something out there for everyone something that makes you happy and yet can help others at the same time. I happened to find that through Avon by making others feel beautiful through the products I sell.
Thank you,
Britny Whitney


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